Hindu Temple and Cultural Center

(A Non-Profit Organization Registered in the State of Washington)
3818  212th St SE Bothell  WA  98021
Ph: (425) 483-7115                       http://www.htccwa.org

Bhumi Puja List of Items 

Turmeric Powder 1 small packet
Kumkum 1 small packet
Betel leaves 10
Betel nuts 20
Sandalwood powder small tin
Camphor 1 pkt
Incense sticks 1 pkt
Flowers 2 bunches
Fruits any variety 12
Coconuts 4
Rice 2 lbs
Deeparadhana samagri (Deepam, oil & wicks) 1 set
Match box 1
Milk 1 Gallon
Navadhanyam (9 Grains) ** 1 lb
Gold, silver, copper, coral, Pagadam small pieces
Navaratnam *** 1 apiece
God's Photo Ganesha, Lakshmi
Kalasam 1
Vastram for kalasam 1 towel & blouse piece
Tumbler, plate, spoon  
Sweets 1 packet
Water 1 bottle
Ground breaking shovel 1
Napkins (Cloth and Paper) sufficient

** Navadhanyam (Nine Grains) consists of Whole Wheat, Rice, Toor Daal, Moong Daal, Chana Daal, White Rajma, Black Sesame, Urad Dal (whole) & Horse Gram.

*** Navaratnas (Nine Gems believed to represent the nine planets) consists of::

Please contact officemanager@htccwa.org or call the temple at (425) 483-7115 if you have any questions.