HTCC Visitors - Guidelines

  • Starting from January 12, 2022 Devotees need to register to visit the temple.
  • Please book your appointment by clicking the link below:Appointment
  • Please maintain cleanliness and maintain 6 Feet safe distancing –ALWAYS while visiting the temple.
  • Face coverings/masks are mandatory for all visitors while at HTCC
  • Maintain timings and complete darshan within your reserved time
  • Leave shoes in your cars/outside temple premises. No shoes shelves are available due to the current situation.
  • Follow directions -Entry through North entrance (CH) and Exit through East entrance under Vaikunta Maharajagopuram.
  • Please maintain a safe distance of at least 10 feet from the garbhagriha and from priests
  • Strollers and other personal belongings are prohibited into the facility. Coats cannot be hanged in the lobby. All personal belongings secured outside the facility/in your car.
  • Cooked food and/or food of all kinds is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from bringing any food into the temple.
  • Devotees can bring flowers (store bought bunches) and fresh uncut fruits and place them in designated containers in the temple.
  • Self serving stations for Vibhuti/kumkum packets (as prasadam) are positioned at entrance and exit. Please maintain 6 feet safe distancing while availing them.
  • It is recommended that devotees and visitors 65 & above, kids under age of 12 and pregnant women stay home and avoid visiting the temple if/as possible.
  • To sponsor a pooja, please visit: Puja Schedule.