Special Events - Sponsorships & Donations

Ganesh Pooja for Children, Suggested Donation $21

Click here to register for Samoohika Lalitha Pooja - Friday, August 18, 2017

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Click here to register for Maha Rudram - Saturday & Sunday, August 19 & August 20, 2017

The following donation options are available for Sri Maharudram pooja

Maha Rudram Grand Patron - $5001

Maha Rudram Ganam Sponsor - $2501

Maha Rudram Ritwick Sponsor - $1501 (Sponsor one priest/ritwick)

Maha Rudram 3 Days of Yajna Sponsor - $1001

Maha Rudram One Day Yajna Sponsor - $501

Maha Rudram Annadanam Sponsor - $251

Maha Rudram Flowers and Fruits Sponsor - $201

Maha Rudra Abhishekam Sponsor - $101

You and your family are invited to take part in this unique three day long spiritual events. Participating as an event sponsor for this event, is a life time opportunity.


All amounts are clickable links to donate online via PayPal - OR -
Please visit the Office for all your sponsor/sponsorship/donation/sevas

Donor Level Sponsor (Event Recognition) $5,001
In addition to all the benefits of an Event Sponsor, the Donor Sponsor receives a saree as Prasad (previously offered to goddess) as well as recognition on the Donor board. Higher level sponsorships are available as well.
Event Sponsor $1,001
Sponsoring the Homam/Havan, Prathama Abhishekam, and Prathama Archana. Event sponsor will receive a complimentary blessed silver coin.
Pūja Sponsorships: Abhishekam, Homam and Rituals
Prathama Abhishekam to Śri Rādhā Kriśṅa $251
Homam sponsor (for all 3 days of Homam/Havan) $251
Homam sponsor (for one day) $101
Prathama Archana to Śri Rādhā Kriśṅa $51
Pūja Donation: Materials & Sevas
Vastra Seva - includes Utsava Murthy(s) $501
Annadānam Seva (for three days) $251
Annadānam Seva (for one day) $151
Flower Garlands $201
Navarathna & Panchaloha Samarpan to Śri Rādhā Kriśṅa $101
Navarathna Samarpan to Śri Rādhā Kriśṅa $51
Panchaloha Samarpan to Śri Rādhā Kriśṅa $51
Pūja Donation: Ornamentation
Pancha-Pātram $151
Deepam (1 ½” x 18”) $101
Avail our event Special “Pillars of Community” bonus offers. View event POC flyer @ our home page or contact HTCC Office