Frequently Asked Questions  

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1. Where is HTCC located?

HTCC is located in Bothell and has place of worship and an assembly hall. Please click the Contact Us for address & directions. HTCC Office can be contacted at phone number (425) 483-7115.

2. What are HTCC's operating hours?

We are open 9AM- Noon (Priest services till 11AM) and 6:30PM-8:30PM on weekdays and 9AM-8:30PM on weekends (No darshan between 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM). See the home page for detailed monthly schedules.

3. Can we rent the HTCC facilities? What are the rates & rules?

Please see the Services page for rate information.

4. Does HTCC has a priest we can request services of ?

Our temple priest(s) are available for religious services. Please call the temple office at (425) 483-7115 or email us at to schedule a puja service. Please see the Services page for more information.

5. Are visitors of other religions allowed at HTCC? If so, are there any restrictions?

Visitors are allowed and most welcome to visit us at HTCC as long as they respect Hindu beliefs, culture and traditions. People entering the worship area & assembly hall are required to remove their footwear outside the worship areas (Shoe racks are available for this purpose). Food containing onions, garlic, non-vegetarian food and alcoholic items are not permitted on the premises. Smoking is not permitted in the temple premises. Feel free to talk to the board members, Executive Committee members or the priest, if you have any questions.

6. How much Dakshina is to be paid to the priest for the pooja services?

Payment of Dakshina to the priest, as well as the amount, is purely at devotee's discretion. According to the Code of Conduct established for the priests by HTCC, they are required NOT TO seek or request any particular Dakshina. They are also required NOT TO pressure devotees either in the form of words or gestures of any kind to give Dakshina.

7. Can the devotees avail the services of temple priests privately without involving the temple?

NO. It will be a conflict of interest. The priests are paid employees of the temple who are also compensated with a significant portion of the fee, when they perform out of temple services. If they are found to perform services privately, they will be disciplined. They can even lose their job.