Several volunteer opportunities available in HTCC, a temple predominantly run by the volunteers for the community. To enroll yourself and/or to get more information about opportunities available at HTCC please mail us at volunteer@htccwa.org .

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  1. Why volunteer

·         Service to the community.

·         Develop new friendship.

·         Community and Temple recognition.

·         Service time is equal to money especially when your company matches the time you volunteer.

·         Temple is run by volunteers.

·         You are making a big difference to the community and to yourself (Karma Yoga)

·         Learn new  skills

·         Personal satisfaction

·         One form of giving something back to the community

·         A good opportunity to mentor with others.

·         Volunteer for any of the activities either off-site (putting flyers, hosting the special guests etc)

·         Different categories of volunteers –

  •   Regularly scheduled

  • On request volunteers for special events

  • Expert volunteers for specialized tasks

  1. Opportunities (tasks)

·         Write receipts for the donations, puja sponsorships (front desk)

·         Gardening

·         Rangoli

·         Preparing flower garlands (Suggested total length of garland: For all deities except Shiva - 45 inches, for Shiva - 30 inches)

·         Prasadam preparation (Please do not use onion/garlic in the prasadam)

·         Prasadam distribution (Please do not keep leftover prasadam in the fridge. Try and distribute them to devotees or pack and take it home yourself. We should not serve leftover food (atleast) in the temple)

·         Coordinating Parking during major events.

·         Washing utensils in the kitchen

·         Vacuum Cleaning the carpeted areas of the temple.

·         Taking care of the mats (folding as well as laying down) in the hall

·         Distribution of arati sheets and collecting them back

·         Refilling paper towels near the sink and the bathrooms

·         Garbage – putting them out

·         Garbage – putting the new bags

·         Receiving phone calls – maintain message book

·         Monitor kids and entertaining them

·         Manage the footwear

·         Make sure that we have enough supplies like plates, spoons, etc

·         Data entry

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