Navaratri Celebrations 2022 – September 26th thru October 4th

Navaratri Mahotsav Celebrations:
September 26th to October 4th

The word Navarātri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit, Nava meaning nine and Rātri meaning nights. Navarātri is dedicated to the worship deity Durga/Shakti.

Daily evening Kumkumārchana starts @ 7:00pm

Gana/Nritya Kainkarya Seva to Sri Shakti Devi

Maha Mangala Arathi @8:00 PM

Daily programs from September 26th to October 4th

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Grand Event (Dhol event by Elem8nts) on Saturday, October 1st

Dhol Event

Dhol event perform by Elem8nts on October 1st, 7pm.

Elem8nts is proud to be collaborating with HTCC, for a auspicious day of Durga Jagaran on October 1st. May the divine power of Maa Durga bless us all with good health, success and prosperity in everything that we do

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Nritya and Gana Kainkarya seva Participants
Monday, September 26th
Sohan and Sunidhi
Chaithanya Edara
Tuesday, September 27th
Vishnu Ayalasomayajula
Solo Veena
Wednesday, September 28th
Joshitha Velmurugan
Solo Bharathanatyam
Thursday, September 29th
Harini Thiagarajan
Solo Bharathanatyam
Friday, September 30th
Aaradhya academy - Group on Sri Lalitha
Group Kuchipudi - Aaradhya academy
Saturday, October 1st
Vishnu Ayalasomayajula - Solo Veena
Neha Venkatesh - Solo Bharathanatyam
Solo Veena 5 minutes because of Saraswathi alankaram
Solo Bharathanatyam
Sunday, October 2nd
Parivaadhini school of music - Group vocal
Group vocal for afternoon Chandi homam time
Sunday, October 2nd
Vishaka Menon - Solo Bharathanatyam
Solo Bharatanatyam - Nrityalaya Dance
Monday, October 3rd
Chinmayi Parasuram
Lakshmi Kannan
Shreya Chandi
Group Bharatanatyam - Naatya Pushp Academy of Bharatanatyam
Tuesday, October 4th
Shruti Vinodkumar & Aishwarya Duraisamy
Duet Bharatanatyam - Nrityalaya dance

Dasara Mahotsav Yajman Sponsorship-$2,501+

Sponsoring - All (9) day Navaratri rituals/celebrations,inclusive of Homam, Jāgran, Annadānam seva and blessed with a silver coin of sponsor’s choice. In addition, will receive a blessed Saree, a complimentary Kāmākshi lamp and Mahāmeru. Click here for more details.

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Vishesha Kumkumārchana-$21


during Durga Ashtami, Navami and Vijayadashami evenings, and on any day per your Sankalpam to your prime God/Ishta Devatas. You can pay online via Paypal.

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Sponsor food (Annadanam) for $151 on the day of your choice in your name or of your loved ones. You can pay online via Paypal.After completing the payment, please fill in the Annadanam Sponsorship Form.

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