Shloka Classes

Shloka Classes

Shloka Classes

Shloka Classes

HTCC started teaching Shloka classes from 2015 to children aged from 5 to 15. The classes were taught by volunteers once a week. The class days are aligned to the Northshore school academic year calendar. Since its inception we have educated 400 + students.

The classes used to be in the HTCC premises but due to COVID the classes are made online. The teachers to student ratio are adjusted based on the class levels and children age so that the teacher can focus on each student. Sometimes the teachers used to go one-on-one as well to get maximum output from students. Most of the classes happen on Friday’s evening.

The kid's level of learning is decided by teachers based on the student’s proficiency in memorizing and pronouncing the Shloka.


Below are the syllabus for each levels:

Note: Teachers make the call to adjust the syllabus dynamically based on how the majority of the students perform in their class

Other than focusing on the year long shloka teaching for the children, we also teach below Shloka for all age groups based on the interest

  • Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam
  • Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam
  • Sri Skandha Shasti kavacham
  • Bhagavad Geeta

Please check the community flyer here for more details.

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