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Tiruppavai is a collection of thirty stanzas (paasurams) written in Tamil by Andal (also known as Nachiyar), in praise of the Lord Perumal, (Vishnu). It is part of Divya Prabandha, a work of the twelve Alvars, and is important part of Tamil literature. Kodhai Devi or Goda Devi/Andal incarnated on earth in the 98th year after the beginning of the Kali Era (3102 BC). She performed a wonderful vratham or vow called Dhanurmasa vratham to tell us that, by practicing this vratham, one can attain all materialistic happiness along with the eternal bliss. The period, from when the sun moves into the constellation of Dhanur-rasi or Sagittarius and until it moves out to the constellation of Makara-rasi or Capricorn is known as Dhanurmasam. In Thiruppavai, Andal gives a universal call to all people to recite the name and glories of Lord Vishnu.
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Class: Virtual Sessions (10)
Time: From March 18th 2023, 5pm to 6pm (Saturday & Sunday)